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  • Day


    Diwali Day

    Diwali celebrations in Leicester are some of the biggest outside of India, with up to 35,000 people…

  • History Month


    Black History Month

    Black History Month celebrates the culture and heritage of African and African Caribbean people…

  • The Total Artwork


    Expressionism: The Total Artwork

    New Walk Museum & Art Gallery are proud to host the largest collection of German Expressionist…

  • Park Bonfire & Firework Display


    Abbey Park Bonfire & Firework Display

    Be dazzled by Leicester’s biggest bonfire and firework display. With 15,000 visitors attending the…

  • Diwali Lamps


    Patterned Diwali Lamps

    Celebrate Diwali by making a clay lamp and decorate it with a plethora of patterns found in our…

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